.A local, family owned business

We have created a place for you to make memories!

A unique holiday experience...
Our Mission: To provide families with an affordable, comfortable place where they can immerse themselves in the natural magnificence of the Riverland while satisfying their creative needs.

When we moved to the Riverland in 2014, we fell in love. We had always had the river in our lives but moved to the Northern Territory for a while, returning to South Australia with 2 young kids and 2 dogs. It just felt like home and we knew we had come to the right place. 

This growing passion for the area led us to Coongalena View and what it could offer visitors to the Region. This is a new business (est: Dec 2016) and it is our desire that our guests have a real, affordable home from home experience. We believe strongly that we need to immerse ourselves in nature to maintain good physical and mental health. Coongalena View is bursting with Nature Play and artistic opportunities. It will also suit those who are more sporty or  even those who prefer to holiday through relaxing, enoying the view and not doing much at all. It is likely that, if part of a group, everyone will have their needs met.

We believe in sustainability and include this in all aspects of our business especially in relation to our environmental impacts. Updates relating to work and maintenance of the property will be available via OUR BLOG 
We will also introduce you to some of the locals via this Blog.

Please explore our site or contact Leanne for more details, we are keen to provide a one on one service, think of us as 'your locals'. We are happy to help.

We hope to see you soon.
Breathtaking views, lots to do, close to everything, private and peaceful.